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A strong, independent, and effective Board is critical to the success of any organization. We offer Board Searches, as well as Board Evaluations through our alliance with Better Boards, an international firm that focuses on the evaluation and development of boards of directors.

Board Searches

We support the creation of efficient and diverse boards.

The search for board members is a vitally important process for any company. For more than 10 years we have worked with our clients to ensure that their boards have the talent and diversity necessary to ensure the development and sustainability of the company.

Board Evaluations

Alliance with Better Boards.

Through our partnership with Better Boards, a UK-based international organization led by Dr. Sabine Dembrowski, we offer an innovative methodology for evaluating and developing boards of directors, which aims to help improve the effectiveness and performance of the boards. 

Better Boards offers a unique combination of research, hands-on experience, and cutting-edge knowledge, enabling our clients to get more out of their boards, executive committees, and leadership teams.

The Better Board´s Board Evaluation approach is evidence-based, comprehensive, action-oriented, efficient, and has a substantial international track record. The criteria used relate directly to how the board and executive committee can create even greater value, and do not address any generic criteria that could apply to any organization at any level.

The approach uses one-to-one interviews and an innovative, resource-friendly online tool that takes on board feedback from the broadest possible range of respondents, enabling a fully comprehensive and objective analysis.

What makes boards and Executive Committees effective? What enables them to create maximum value for their organisations? Better Boards is widely credited for having identified the seven hallmarks of effective boards, i.e., the levers members of boards and Executive Committees can pull to be more impactful and effective. The variables are the fruit of detailed and cutting edge desk and empirical research, together with diverse and practical experience. They form the basis of the Better Boards Board Evaluation approach.