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We Search for Talent

We support the creation of outstanding leadership teams.

Our sector experience, as well as a deep understanding of senior leadership profiles and their competencies, allows us to find the ideal candidate who shares the culture and values of the company and who can successfully adapt to it. 

We listen to our clients. Through close collaboration and understanding of their needs, we search the market for the best talent available so that they can achieve their goals and face future challenges in the context of the development and execution of their respective business strategies.

Search Process

1. Strategy

  • Analyze the recruitment context.
  • Understand the mission, philosophy, and values of the client's company.
  • Define the responsibilities and requirements of the role.
  • Establish the ideal candidate profile.
2. Identification

  • Prepare a list of target companies.
  • Map out the company‘s reporting structure.
  • Identify candidates that match the ideal profile.
3. Evaluation

  • Attract potential candidates.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews.
  • Identify their professional and personal profiles.
  • Verify their references and conduct due diligence.
4. Presentation

  • Select the best candidates that match the ideal profile.
  • Manage the final selection process.
  • Provide support and advice throughout the offering and hiring process.