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Executive Assessment

We execute a thorough and consistent assessment process.

We use individual assessments across a range of client situations, including external and internal selection, individual development, leadership succession and performance management.  

We conduct a thorough process of measuring a person’s experience, knowledge, skills, abilities to evaluate the characteristics and behavior that are relevant to successful job performance.

We use a combination behavioral-based interviews and cutting-edge technological tools and complement the information with professional references.

Evaluation Process

1. Diagnosis


In the first phase, a diagnosis is carried out to thoroughly analyze the client's needs, which include business strategy, current priorities, and company culture. Likewise, the key requirements and competencies of the position are identified to form a successful strategy.

2. Face-to-face Interview


In the second phase, in-depth in-person interviews are conducted with the candidates. During these interviews we analyze their professional achievements, objectives reached, levels of responsibility they have assumed, and other aspects of a personal nature that allow us to assess their possibilities for successful integration. Likewise, their competencies are analyzed and contrasted with the key competencies required by the company for the position.

3. Testing


We give online assessments that provide clear and objective information about the candidate's strengths, limitations, motivations, and potential. These cutting-edge technological tools validate the adequacy of the candidate's personality, abilities, aptitudes, and job performance.

4. References


Obtain references from superiors, peers, and subordinates.

5. Candidate Report


We elaborate a report for each candidate detailing her or his education and professional development and our assessment of the candidate’s suitability for the position, her or his capacity to perform it successfully and her or his main qualities and competencies. Inasmuch, as the case might be, we detail the main concerns regarding the candidate compared to the ideal candidate´s profile. We complement the report with the results of the on-line exams and professional references.


Talent Due Diligence

We help mitigate the impact
of change and uncertainty.

We collaborate with our clients in mergers and acquisitions to evaluate the talent of the acquired company. We assess critical talent issues, including leadership capabilities, retention risks, executive compensation, and transition plans, among others; which helps to mitigate the impact of change and uncertainty, as well as maintain employee commitment and retain key talent in the organization.